Tenant Handbook

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General Building Rules and Regulations

Shorenstein strives to create the most positive environment possible for you and your employees. In order to maintain the positive business environment and minimize the interference by others, we anticipate your cooperation in observing the following Rules and Regulations prescribed by the Landlord.

Please note that the term 'Tenant’ as used in these Rules and Regulations includes its officers, agents, servants, employees, licensees, and invitees.


The following lists some of the key Building Rules and Regulations. A complete version can be found in your Lease Agreement.

  1. No furniture, freight or equipment of any kind shall be brought into the Building without the consent of Landlord and all moving of the same into or out of the Building shall be done at such time and in such manner as Landlord shall designate.
  2. Landlord will direct electricians as to where and how telephone and telegraph wires are to be introduced into the Premises and the Building. No boring or cutting for wires will be allowed without the prior consent of Landlord. The location of telephones, call boxes and other office equipment affixed to the Premises shall be subject to the prior approval of Landlord.
  3. Tenant shall not lay linoleum, tile, carpet or other similar floor covering so that the same shall be affixed to the floor of the Premises, except to the extent and in the manner approved in advance by Landlord. The expense of repairing any damage resulting from a violation of this rule or removal of any floor covering shall be borne by the tenant by whom, or by whose contractors, employees or invitees, the damage shall have been caused.
  4. No furniture, packages, supplies, equipment or merchandise will be received in the Building or carried up or down in the elevators, except between such hours and in such elevators as shall be designated by Landlord, which elevator usage shall be subject to the Building’s customary charge therefore as established from time to time by Landlord. Please click here to see Moves and Deliveries.
  5. On Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, and on other days between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., access to the building or to the halls, corridors, elevators or stairways in the Building, or to the Premises may be refused unless the person seeking access is known to the person or employee of the Building in charge and has a pass or is properly identified. Landlord shall in no case be liable for damages for any error with regard to the admission to or exclusion from the Building of any person. In case of invasion, mob, riot, public excitement, or other commotion, Landlord reserves the right to prevent access to the Building during the continuance of the same by closing the doors or otherwise, for the safety of the tenants and protection of property in the Building.




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